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Types of membership

  1. Ordinary Members : All former students of HTC who have completed studies at HTC for at least one academic year can apply as Ordinary Members of the Association.
  2. Life Members : Upon payment of a life membership fee ($800), an Ordinary (Basic) Member shall become a Life Member of the Association for life. Life Members are issued with a membership card and enjoy all rights and privileges of Ordinary Members.
  3. Associate Members : Teachers, former or present, who have served HTC for at least one academic year may be invited to become Associate Members of the Association. Associate Members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of Ordinary Members but shall not have the right to hold any office or vote at any General Meeting of the Association.

Privileges and entitlements of members

Privileges and entitlements of all members: to receive our official newsletter (in soft copy format), to participate in activities organized by the Association and to be informed of the latest information of our Alma Mater.

All Ordinary, Life and Associate Members will be issued a Membership Card. They will also receive a hard copy of our official newsletter.

Membership fee

  1. Initial fee : $50 one-off initial fee (for new applicants)
  2. Ordinary : $100 biannual membership fee (renewal required in every two years covering the period from June to May)
  3. Life : $800 one-off life membership fee
  4. Associate : Free

Membership Application Form

Download form : PDF | MS Word

Number of members (February 2017)

Basic Members
: 2,830
Life Members
: 219
Ordinary Members
: 47
Associate Members : 68
: 3,164